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Marketing and Advertising

With extensive experience in the marketing and advertising industries and a solid understanding of the specific requirements for marketing communications, CW can ensure that your publications  aimed at a Spanish audience have the right flair and flavour.


Connecting Words can deal with a wide variety of subjects, styles, formats and translation requirements meeting the highest standards of quality: were it not able to fulfil your translation needs, it will help you to find the person who can.

Commercial and Legal

Business and legal documents require careful attention to detail, accurate rendering of data and a good knowledge of the linguistic formulae and standards of these sectors. Along with years of experience in the translation of a wide range of business and legal documents, CW can offer a track record of commitment to relevant training.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Having translated medical and pharmaceutical content for international leading providers, CW is able to deal with a wide variety of medical and health care documentation. This professional experience is complemented by a personal interest in biological sciences and health issues.

Fully Qualified Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

Commitment to Professional Excellence

Connecting Words is the business name of Ángeles Sánchez Caballero. For details about her professional experience, please, check the About CW section of this site.


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