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Good reasons to choose Connecting Words

The assurance of working with a qualified member of the IOL and the ITI. These major, UK based, professional associations have stringent admission criteria and their members are bound by a Code of Professional Conduct.

English to Spanish Translation

Proof-reading and editing

Copy writing

Marketing and Advertising: brochures, campaigns, press releases, white papers, corporate profiles, product launch and presentations.

Business and commercial: general business documentation, company policies, human resources, corporate governance, training materials, internal communications, surveys, presentations and reports.

Legal: agreements, terms and conditions, contracts, certificates.

Medical-Pharmaceutical: studies and research, training and informative materials, patient and product information, manuals, health advice.

International organisations: policy briefs, reports, executive summaries, memoranda of agreement, programme documents, studies, agendas, assessments and evaluations.

Miscellaneous: current affairs and opinion articles, children´s literature, dissertations, letters and personal documents, and many more.

Proofreading services, to ensure that translated or original materials are free from mistakes and ready for the intended purpose.

Editing services, to polish the style of documents which demand a more careful finish, particularly when they are intended for the public domain.

Original writing of marketing and business materials.

The peace of mind that comes from working with an experienced professional who takes pride in a job well done and strives to offer the best possible service.

A personal service, tailored to your needs, with the advantage of enjoying a direct line of communication with the actual translator.

Enjoying the benefits that translation technology can bring to the job, such as maximising efficiency and consistency and reducing the costs, while keeping your work in the safe hands of a professional translator.

Please, contact Connecting Words if you have any queries or you wish to discuss your translation requirements.

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This brief guide produced by the ITI and its partners provides valuable advice on what to keep in mind when ordering a translation and how to obtain the desired results from a translation project.

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Translation: Getting it Right

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